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SUAOKI 160W Solar Panel Kit 12V Off Grid IPX3 Waterproof Foldable Monocrystalline PV Cells



【SOLAR PANEL KIT】complete ready to use kit with SUAOKI 160W foldable solar panel IPX3 waterproof, 10A solar charge controller, MC4 connectors, and adjustable-angle aluminum stand
【SMART CHARGING】: installed with the advanced TIR-C technology that identifies optimal charging voltage and amperage for maximum charging efficiency and safe power transmission
【SAFETY FEATURES】: automatically cuts off power when the connected battery is full, reverse charge protection avoids current back-flow; deep discharge and overcharge protection
【ON THE GO POWER】: recharge your portable battery packs, power stations, 12V car batteries; and run your 12V electronic appliances (160-watt max); ideal for outdoor power needs
【PORTABLE DESIGN】: thanks to its foldable and lightweight (18 lbs) design, you can carry it conveniently anywhere you go; generate free off-the-grid power anywhere during daytime
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SUAOKI 160W Foldable Solar Panel Kit


This 160-watt Solar Panel Kit from SUAOKI includes all the necessary tools to build a solar generator system for your off-the-grid power needs. Owing to its lightweight and portable design, you can easily take it along with you on your outdoor adventures, camping, and hiking trips, mount it on your RV, or your use it for your home appliances to get free energy from the Sun while you are off the grid. 


Adjustable Angle Aluminum Stand

This portable solar panel comes with a sturdy and durable aluminum stand. You can use this stand to hold the solar panels at such an angle that it is directly facing the Sun, allowing you to generate the maximum power at any time during the daylight. This also helps in mounting the solar panel on your roofs, grass, uneven surface and more. 


Charge all of your Appliances

A complete solar panel kit and an ideal solution to your outdoor power needs. Simply plug and play. Take it with you anywhere you go, and generate clean and safe power for your portable power stations, battery packs and other appliances with its 160 watts generation capacity.   


Solar Charger for your Car Battery

You can also use this solar charging kit to recharge your car battery. No more time wasted on cranking engines with low battery, simply connect your car battery with this kit and recharge it right away. This is especially useful if you have an old car battery or have parked your car for months and want to revive the battery. 


Safe and Secure Power

At SUAOKI, your safety is our top priority. This 160-watt foldable solar panel comes with multiple safety functions that keep both, the solar kit and the connected devices, safe while charging them. Some of the safety features include Over-Charge Protection, Deep Discharge Protection, Over-Load Protection,  and Reverse Charging Protection.


Use it for your Camping Trips

An easy and convenient power option for your camping trips. Just take it along with you, set it up on the aluminum stand and get power for your LED lamps, portable fans, refrigerators and more. 


Charge all of your Appliances

You can also install it on your roof do get energy from the Sun daily, and use it as a constant power source for your DC appliances at your home. 

Power for RV

With a foldable and compact storage design, this makes for an excellent choice for RV lovers, simply mount it on the roof and get free power for your RV and appliances. 

Product Specifications:

Model No.: SM-P1818D

Input power (solar cell): 160W (Max)

Maximum voltage (Vmp): 18V

Maximum current (Imp): 8.89A

Open circuit voltage (Voc): 21.8V

Short circuit current (Isc): 9.37A

Solar cell efficiency: 17.5%

Folded size: 20.5*20.9*2.6 inches (52*53*6.5 cm)

Unfolded size: 82.7*20.9*1.2 inches (210*53*3 cm)

Weight: 18.7 lbs. (8.5 kg)


Specification Folding Size 20.5*20.9*2.6 inches (52*53*6.5 cm)
Unfolding Size 82.7*20.9*1.2 inches (210*53*3 cm)
Voltage Range Maximum voltage (Vmp): 18V
Current Range Maximum current (Imp): 8.89A
Open Voltage 21.8V
Short Circuit Current 9.37A

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