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SUAOKI G500 Portable Power Station 500Wh Camping Generator Backup Power



【3-Way rechargeable】 large capacity 137700mAh / 500Wh Not only charging with the included AC adapter charger and car charger, but also solar charger (sold separately). Auto power off after full charge. Input: AC adapter (DC charging input port size: 6.5 * 3.0mm): 14 ~ 40V Car charger: 12 / 24V Solar panel: 10A (maximum) / 14V ~ 40V
【5 Way output type】 AC outlet (2 ports): 110V 50Hz / 60Hz conversion possible, pure sine wave (rated 300W, instantaneous maximum 600W) USB (2 ports): 5-12V / 3A maximum 18W (quick charging standard QC 3.0 installed ) Type-C: 5 ~ 12V / 3A Max 18W (QC 3.0) DC (2 ports): 12V / 3A Cigarette lighter socket: 12V / 120W Charge input, AC output, and DC output can be selected using the
【LCD large screen display】 button. The remaining battery level, charge, and discharge status are also displayed on the LCD screen in an easy-to-understand manner. Power can be supplied to smartphones, laptop computers, TVs, videos, in-vehicle refrigerators, speakers, and projectors.
【MPPT Charge Controller】 Built-in maximum power point tracking function (MPPT) that draws out the power generated from the solar panel with maximum efficiency makes it possible to shorten the charging time.
【Accessories】 AC adapter, car charger, solar charging cable, Japanese instruction manual Size: 280mm (L) x 190mm (W) x 210mm (H) Weight: 6.8kg
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SUAOKI 500W Ultra Portable Power Station G500


SUAOKI G500 is a new portable power station with a mega battery capacity of 500Wh / 137,700mAh, 300W pure sine wave output, USB-C Quick Charge output port, and 3 ways of recharging (solar panel/ wall adapter/car cigarette lighter). All ways of charging and discharging feature Battery Management System (BMS) for improved battery utilization, protecting the battery from operating outside its Safe Operating Area. Unlike a traditional diesel generator, G500 is a quiet and clean power station with no fumes or noise. Meet your specific power needs for camping sites, outdoor parties, boat life, and road trips.


500Wh Ultra Battery Capacity

As its name suggests, SUAOKI G500 has a massive 500 watt-hour power stored in the lithium battery pack. It has enough power for daily use of campers, RV’ers, liveaboards and ocean anglers. Besides its mega capacity, it also has a wide variety of output sockets, including 2x pure sine wave 110V/300W AC outlet (600W peak), 2x QC3.0 USB-A ports (18W max.), 1x QC3.0 USB-C port, 1x Anderson Powerpole connector (150W Max), 2x 12V/3A DC port and 1x 12V/10A cigarette lighter socket.

CPAP Backup Power

The G500 produces pure sine wave AC output to supply reliable and stable power for your devices, protecting them from undesired interference or excess heat. G500 is ideal for sophisticated devices like CPAP machines, high-end speaker system and computers. The continuous output power is up to 300W, which is quite enough for most small appliances.

USB-C & USB Quick Charge 3.0

Charge high-capacity USB-C devices at top speed with evolved the QC3.0 USB Type-C port. Besides USB-C, G500 also has 2 USB-A fast-charge ports for traditional USB-A devices. The QC3.0 USB-C port is compatible and interoperable to use with a non-Quick Charge device. Take G500 with you and never worry about the power outage of your devices.


Product Specification:

(2) x Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet (300W Max)

(2) x QC3.0 USB-A (18W Max)

(1) x QC3.0 USB-C (also known as Type-C)

(1) x Anderson Powerpole Connectors (150W Max)

(2) x 12-Volt DC Port (3A)

(1) x 12-Volt Car Port (10A)

Package Includes:

1x SUAOKI G500 portable power supply
1x MC4 solar charging cable
1x Adapter
1x Car charger cable
1x User manual
1x Thank you card

General Model G500
Capacity 500W
Product weight 6.8800 kg
Output DC Port 2x 12-Volt DC port (3A)
QC 3.0 USB Port 1x QC3.0 USB-C (also known as Type-C)
USB Port 2x QC3.0 USB-A (18W Max)
AC output 300W (peak 600W)
DC Output 72W, 12V, 3A x2 (5.5*2.5mm)
USB Output 5V to 12V, 3A (QC 3.0)
Type-C Output 5V to 12V, 3A (QC 3.0)

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