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10 Tips for Buying Power Station - Part II

In our previous SUAOKI blog, we mentioned the top 10 Tips to buy a portable charger; and how a portable power supply is a great investment. Let's get to the next 5 Tips that will help you make a confident decision when buying a portable charger.  

A portable power supply is always the way to go for outdoor power needs. via mitshuio_93


6. Input Ports

When choosing the right portable charger, it is ideal for a device that has multiple inputs so that you can recharge it via AC, DC or Solar panels. This diversity in recharging the device enables your even more freedom so that you can juice it up from any of the above sources mentioned at any time and place. Usually, it takes about 6-10 hours to recharge it via the AC power adapter, and the DC power source is designed so that you can charge it from your vehicle's battery - charge as your drive. But remember to always charge from your car when the engine is running or else it will drain your car's battery. Furthermore, small battery packs can be charged with the 12V car battery but other high capacity power stations may not be able to completely charge with the 12V battery and require the 24-volt battery power.

SUAOKI top 10 tips to buy a portable charger input ports
Multiple input ports help share with friends and charge many devices simultaneously. via SUAOKI


Also, modern power banks can be charged directly from solar panels as well. This is an added benefit is you can take the power bank and a solar panel with you on your adventures and charge the device anywhere during the sun-hours and then use the energy later on when the sun goes down. This is an exceptional feature, and you must always look for this when you buy a portable charger. Also, you will require an MPPT solar charge controller to charge your power supply safely and efficiently. Therefore, if you can find a battery charger with an already installed solar charge controller, that is the best choice to go for.

7. Advanced Safety Features

With the advanced technology, many of the advanced power stations now come with multiple safety features that are designed to avoid potential fire hazards and for your safety when you operate the device. This includes protection against short-circuits, over-temperature, overcharge, undercharge, over-voltage, under-voltage, current fluctuations, over-drain, and many other safety functions.

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All these features make the device safe to use. Therefore, always consider a portable charger that has these and other added safety features, so you have a sense of safety while you operate it.

8. Shape and Size of the Portable Charger

Although weight is an important factor for deciding the portability feasibility of any portable charger, the size and the shape of the device also matter vastly. You should always consider a power station that has an ergonomic design and a firm grip handle. This makes it easy to carry around. For heavyweight devices, you can look for a device that has two handles so that two people can conveniently carry it simultaneously.

SUAOKI top 10 tips to buy a portable charger shape
The compact shape perfectly fits in the storage area. via yellow32


The shape and dimensions are usually mentioned in the product specifications, so you can have a quick look at them and compare the dimensions to your desired storage space for the power supply. This gives you a great idea of how and where you want to store your charger and eliminates any doubts about whether the device will fit in your car trunk space or the store-room cabinet.

9. Auxiliary features

An LED torchlight or jump-starter can always come handy, and what's better than having some of the auxiliary features already installed in the portable charger. Some of the auxiliary features that power supplies have are LED torch, flashlight, LCD screen to display all power-related information, jump-starter, and CPAP operation. The convenience of having multiple options within one device is a great comfort.

S270 with flashlight LED torch. via noboru715


10. Customer Support and After Sales Services

The last, but not least important, is the after-sales service from a company. Make sure to read all the details of the product carefully. If you have any doubts, contact the customer service before you make the purchase. Check the warranty, refund/exchange, and repair policy.

SUAOKI top 10 tips to buy a portable charger customer service
Customer service. via salesforce


A good idea is to track how convenient is it for you to get in touch with the company’s customer service. Talking to the customer service will give you a good understanding of the importance a company gives its customers. Customer care is most often a true reflection of the company as a whole and especially the quality of their work and product. So make full use of this feature and analyze to the best of your abilities.


To wind it up, the above mentioned are some of the most important factors that you should consider when buying a portable charger. To list the top most important factors again - consider the battery capacity, weight and input/output ports of the portable charger. They will help you make a confident and educate choice that will surely stay by your side for years to come and keep enlightening your devices.

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