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Our Brand

SUAOKI understands the needs of both consumers and the environment. Innovators of eco-friendly charging solutions, we're committed to connecting people while working for a sustainable future. We specialize in energy storage power sources and solar panel chargers that combine convenience and eco-conscious values. Our portable products are designed to revolutionize peoples' homes, offices, outdoor recreations, and disaster preparedness. 


We were established in 2015 for consumers who wanted the means to charge their devices anywhere, anytime. We know the modern tech-driven lifestyle comes with its unique demands; most households have multiple devices and most people want to stay in touch on the go. However, we also understand how this tech-consumerism is affecting our planet, so we focus on creating portable power station products that meet customers' needs while minimally impacting the environment. 


The ability to contact relatives during the disaster was crucial for those affected. SUAOKI helped people keep their devices charged even when they had no access to conventional power sources; in future disasters, our car jump starter products could help someone flee to safety. By putting such convenient yet eco-friendly power in our customers' hands, we're preparing them for every eventuality. 

Our Vision

SUAOKI believes our need for technology and our desire to protect the planet can co-exist. We're working to promote a sustainable future where people can charge their devices without restrictions but with a clean conscience. Long-term, we aim to build cooperative relationships with charitable organizations to put our sense of social responsibility into practice. Because staying connected - to each other and the plight of our world - is vital.