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Power Station

Q1: What if the USB port is not charging my devices?


(1) Make sure the USB cable can work normally.

(2) Turn on the power station. Check if the power indicator is on and the battery level is sufficient.

(3) Check if the USB output port is undamaged and clean.

(4) Turn on the USB/DC switch and make sure the USB/DC indicator is on.

(5) Insert the USB cable correctly. Make sure that the USB cable is not loosed or half-inserted.

Q2: How to know the product model, the product serial number, or the adapter serial number?

A:  You can get the information from the instruction manual, the surface of the product, or the surface of the adapter.

Q3: How to know the product specifications, ports, input voltage, output voltage, or other information?

A: You can get the information from the instruction manual and product introductions.

Q4: How to get the descriptions of error codes?

A: If you find there is an error code on the screen, you can get the error code descriptions from the instruction manual.

Q5: Is it possible to charge the power station via a solar panel and an AC adapter at the same time?

A: Some models of power stations (e.g. PS5B, G500) cannot support 2 ways of input charging at the same time. Some models of power station support to recharge via a solar panel and an AC adapter simultaneously. To prolong the battery life, it is highly recommended to use only one charging port to charge the power station.

Q6: Is it possible for a power station to power up the home appliances?


(1) Support appliances within the rated power of the power station.

For example, the rated power of the power station is 150W. This means that the power station supports all electrical appliances within 150W.

(2) The actual power of some appliances may be different. The actual power of motor products is 1.5 to 3 times the rated power. The actual power of heating products is 1.2 to 1.5 times the rated power.

For example, the rated power of a motor/heating appliance is 120W, and the actual power is 180W (1.5 times).

In this case, these appliances may trigger overpower protection and shut down the power station.

Q7: What if the adapter gets hot during charging?

A: It is a normal phenomenon for the adapter to have slight heat during charging.

Q8: Is there any charge or discharge requirement for the product?

A: When the product is not in use, it is recommended to run a discharge/charge cycle at least once every three months to prolong the service life of the product. (Fully discharge the product and come with a subsequent recharge.)

Q9: Why the fan is still working when the power station is off?

A: Due to the built-in cooling function, the fan will continue working after the product is turned off and will not stop working until the product drops to normal temperature.

Q10: What if the solar panel cannot charge the power station? 


(1) Check if the adapter/car charger can charge the power station.

(2) Make sure the output voltage of the solar panel is within the input voltage range of the power station.

(3) Make sure the solar panel is placed in an outdoor environment with sufficient sunlight.

(4) Check if the solar cable is correctly connected. Make sure the positive and negative connections are correct and the plug is fully inserted.

(5) Place the solar panel at the angle facing the sunlight.

Q11: What if the car charger cannot charge the power station?


(1) Check if the adapter can charge the power station.

(2) To charge the power station with a car charger, please start the car first.

(3) Check if the car charger is correctly connected (①). Make sure the plug is fully inserted (②). The indicator light should be on (③).

Q12: What if the USB type-c port does not work?


(1) If you cannot charge the power station via the USB type-c port, please check the product model. The USB type-c port of some power stations (e.g. S170, S370) supports both output and input functions. The USB Type-C port of other power stations supports only the output function.

(2) If you cannot charge other devices via the USB type-c port, please check the battery level of the power station. Make sure the USB cable is connected correctly and fully inserted.

Q13: What if the adapter cannot charge the power station?


(1) Check if the light indicator of the adapter is on.

(2) Check if there is any abnormal phenomenon of the adapter (such as heat, abnormal noise, etc.)

(3) Try to charge the power station in other ways (such as a car charger or a solar panel). If other charging ways are workable, the adapter malfunctioned. If all the charging ways are unworkable, please contact us.

Q14: None of the three charging methods (the adapter, car charger or solar panel) can charge the power station.

A: Please contact us.

Q15: What if the charging speed is slow when charging the power station?


(1) You can check the information about the charging time from the instruction manual.

(2) Make sure the adapter, car charger, or the solar cable is connected properly with good contact.

Q16: Why does the battery level decrease so fast even when the power station is turned off?


(1) Please check whether the power is off. Make sure the AC switch and the indicator light is off.

(2) If the product is left unused for a long time, please disconnect all the devices.

Q17: What if the output power of the solar panel is low?


The output power of the solar panels is affected by many factors, such as sunlight, maintenance, and frequency of usage.

Q18: When powering a CPAP, the working time is short, or can only support a few times of usage?

(1) The working time depends on the product's battery capacity.

(2) The working time will vary due to the CPAP brand, settings of pressure, settings of humidifier/heater, or other settings. For higher efficiency, please use a DC converter (not included) and turn off the heater/humidifier. Low fixed pressure settings will also extend the working time.

Q19: What if the power button cannot turn on/off the power station?

A: If the screen cannot be turned on by pressing the power button, please use the adapter to charge the power station.

(1) If the screen can light up and display the normal charging status when charging via the adapter, which means the power button does not work properly.

(2) If the screen cannot light up when charging via the adapter, which means the product may malfunction.

In either of the case, please contact us.

Q20: The power displayed on the screen is abnormal or inaccurate.


When the power station is under load or output, the actual power of some appliances may be different from their rated power.

① Motor appliances (the actual power is 1.5 ~ 3 times of the rated power)

② Heating appliances (the actual power is 1.2 ~ 1.5 times of the rated power)

For example, the rated power of a motor/heating appliance is 100W, and the actual power is 150W (1.5 times).

Solar Power

Q: How does the solar panel works?
A: We took solar power from stationary to portable, from rooftops to backpacks. Powering your phone, headlamp, camera or whatever essential gear is in your kit from the sun is a reality. It has high conversion efficiency by up to 25%. It works better in full sunlight, Leaving the sun, covered with shadows, will affect the output of the solar panels. 

Q: What factors will affect the solar panel output?
A: Many factors will influence the performance of the solar panel such as the Sunlight intensity, angle of placement.
It is better to use the solar panel at noon 12:00-14:00, After 5 pm or before 10:00, the sunlight intensity will be weak and the output will be reduced. It best-charging angle is 90 degrees from the sun, avoiding backlighting, blockage.

Car Power

Q: Once fully charged, how long will your jump starter hold a full charge if unused?
A: It keeps about 3 months if unused with fully charged. For our U series Jump Starter, You can jump 50 times

Q: How to jump-start your car using a lithium jump starter
A: It is easy to use, Just 4 steps to jump-start your car
Step 1: Attach clamps.
Attach both Boost clamps to your vehicle's corresponding battery terminals.
Step 2: Turn on.
Press Boost's power button once and the charge-level LED lights will chase.
Step 3: Start the vehicle.
With Boost on and attached to the battery, start your vehicle's engine.
Step 4: Detach & go.
Leave the car running as you detach the Boost from your battery.


Q: How do I check the status of my order?
A: You will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number once your order has shipped from our warehouse. If you didn't receive this email, check your spam or junk email folder or contact us by email at You can also view tracking numbers once your order has shipped by logging into your customer account.

Q: Which countries do you ship to?
A: We currently ship to the following countries, with more countries to be available soon.
USA (U.S.) - Canada (CA) - Germany (DE) - United Kingdom (U.K.) - Italy (IT) - France (FR) - Spain (ES) - Japan (JP) - Poland (PL) - Austria (AT)


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