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Making the Most of Portable Solar Panels

Tell us who you are and we will tell you how to give a maximum usage to your portable solar panels. You will be able to save so extra $$ while protecting our planet.

With climate change manifesting during the last years, we should find new ways to be more eco-friendly with the environment. There are great projects launched and some about to get started, but still, we should find more green alternatives that each of us can implement in our daily lives.

Over the last years, we have seen growth in the use of solar power. As you might know by now,solar power is renewable energy and many say it is the energy of the future. It is a great alternative to fossil fuels and you can power up tons of devices as well as homes – depending on the power of the solar panels. Moreover, owning a portable power panel will allow you to stay powered up no matter where you go, making it a must-have for travelers and people that are constantly on the go.

If you own a portable power panel or you are thinking about getting one, this SUAOKI post will give you some insights on the many different appliances that you can power up using this product.

Let’s see how different people can use portable solar panels to improve their experience and save money:


What can you power up with portable solar panels? laptops, tablets, music devices, speakers, and smartphones.

As technology spreads, it is very common to see both students and teachers moving from paper notebooks to tablets and laptops. Notes, university projects, learning materials and so on are digitalized and saved in computers, tablets, and smartphones. This is why portable solar panels are a great fit for them. Moreover, you will get to enjoy your outdoors on-campus life without rushing back to the dorm or classes searching for an electrical outlet to charge your devices. Finally, it goes without saying that students can truly benefit from a solar panel in order to save some money.


What can you power up with portable solar panels? RV, ATV, lanterns, GPS, cameras, portable fans, and smartphones.

All outdoorsy people have something in common: they love to spend their time outdoors. Whether you live out of a van, go hiking every weekend or you enjoy camping, it is easy to say that you can heavily rely on a portable solar panel (or a couple of them). A portable solar panel can provide energy-friendly means of electricity to cook, heat water and power up your devices when you are camping. If you travel with your RV, using portable solar panels is a great alternative to generators, which are heavy and produce noise pollution.


What can you power up with portable solar panels? Cameras, smartphones.

When you go traveling, especially if you travel abroad, you will face many difficulties. Language barrier and culture shock are the most noticeable, but what about electricity? Power outlets can vary according to the country you visit, and in some places, it is difficult to find reliable public power outlets, for example at airports or intercity buses. Travelers need to keep their vital electronic devices like a cell phone always on as you never know when you might need it. Moreover, who wants to come back from an amazing holiday with no photos or videos because your camera ran out of power? For this, travelers can opt for smaller portable power panels that they can easily carry around and even attach to their backpack.


What can you power up with portable solar panels? GPS, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

If you travel for work you can definitely benefit from portable solar panels. Salespeople or account executives, for instance, need to be connected at all times to make their living. Missing a call could make you miss a sale. Getting to a client without power on your tablet or laptop to talk about your presentation is not ideal either. But they are not the only professionals, what about drivers? Drivers can install a couple of solar panels on their vehicles to power up their devices while on the road. Isn’t that genius?


What can you power up with portable solar panels? Construction equipment as well as communication electronics like cell phones, radios or amplified speakers.

Construction sites can definitely benefit from solar energy. By using solar power, you save money and reduce noise pollution. Moreover, you will also gain in portability, which is very important for contractors. If you belong to this group, it is important to highlight that portable solar panels that can power up your communication devices such as phones, radios or walkie-talkies are not enough for your construction equipment. For your equipment, you should consider solar generators or very powerful portable solar panels in order to provide all the juice your tools need to make it through the day.


What can you power up with portable solar panels? Heat water, provide electricity in rural areas, lifesaving equipment (oxygen tanks, CPAP devices), and home electricity during a power outage.

Solar energy and portable solar panels can make a huge difference in humanitarian action. When you think about it, solar power can reduce the footprint caused by gas or diesel-fuelled generators and can provide people with electricity to cook, to heat water, and to run medical equipment in impoverish areas of the world or areas that suffered from natural disasters. Similar to contractors, if you are a doctor or a volunteer in an area that suffered from a natural disaster or other events, it is important to know that you need powerful portable solar panels or solar generators.

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