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Portable Power Supply - Why Should You Own One?

With the ever-increasing number of mobile devices in our lives, keep all of them powered up at all times is becoming a challenge, and a Portable Power Supply (a.k.a. portable power station) is what you need in such conditions.

SUAOKI why should you own a portable power supply S270
SUAOKI S270 Portable Power Supply. via hampcamp


Why should you own a Portable Power Supply? Is It an investment worth it?

Well let me break it down for you as to you should own portable power supply. Consider your daily routine, how many electrical devices or gadgets do you use in a day? Smartphones, cameras, tablets, laptops, display screen, music players and many other devices, all have taken over our lives and they assist us in doing our daily routine tasks - from emails to video calls, food delivery to ordering a cab, and the list goes on and on. And all of these devices need the power to work. This means you either have to be constantly around the grid or you should own portable power supply from SUAOKI so that you can recharge them from it.

SUAOKI why should you own a portable power supply mobile portable devices
Different portable devices that we use regularly. via SUAOKI


For a moment think about life without electricity; I am sure you can imagine the messy situation. You wouldn't be able to run your hairdryer, fridge, oven, fan, phones, and all other such products, leaving you completely helpless. A portable power supply will not only help you overcome all these problems, but it is also considered as a beneficial investment; providing you with the much-needed power anywhere you go.

SUAOKI why should you own a portable power supply no electricity
Life without electricity. via fiveprime


In today's world, our lives are very dependent on many different mobile gadgets. Even at this very moment, if you look around yourself and I am sure you will find some (if not many) such devices in the vicinity. The more we rely on these gadgets, the more "electrical energy" becomes important in our life. However, electrical power is uncertain, unplanned blackouts may occur, natural disasters might cut off power lines, and maybe you are out for a weekend trip and not connected to the grid. Under all these circumstances, the only way to keep your devices running is by having a portable power supply at hand so that you can recharge and run your appliances.

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1. Portable power supply for your camping power needs

Camping in the woods, and enjoying nature has always been on the list for many people. However, before you go on such an adventure don't forget to have a portable power supply with you. An ideal camping power system is usually the one with higher capacity so that it can run multiple devices and last for long.

SUAOKI why should you own a portable power supply tent power supply
With a portable power supply on your camping trip, you can run all your electrical appliances. via @kuro_masa_96


On your camping trips, your portable power supply can recharge your phones, tablets, laptops, and keep your internet device running so that even when you are off the grid, you can still conveniently do all your important tasks on the internet from business management to remote work. Your power station will also come handy at night to light up your tents and run fans for you. You can also use to power up your cooking heaters and fridges to make some quick snacks. The best part of all this is that most portable power supplies have the solar recharging capability, so no matter how many days or nights you are staying off the grid, you are always assured of electrical power for your devices.

2. Emergency usage of the portable power station

Besides its uses as a power source for your camping, hiking, long drives, and other outdoor adventures, a portable power supply is also an ideal emergency backup power kit when load-shedding occur due to unexpected power outages or natural disasters. No matter if you have a power station with relatively lower or higher capacity, both of them will come extremely handy in any such emergencies.

SUAOKI why should you own a portable power supply
A relaxed afternoon by the RV. via


The feeling of being disconnected from your loved ones can cause panic and disorientation. Having a portable power supply to keep you connected to the outside world during power blackouts helps a lot in keeping calm and oriented, and reaching help when need be. You can charge your phones, tablets and keep your WiFi modem running. Furthermore, the heavy-duty larger power banks can even keep your fans, lights, fridge, and water purifier up and running.

3. A perfect in-car appliances power system

Ranging from small power banks to high capacity portable power supply sources that can run all your in-car appliances and electronics. You can keep your food warm in the heater, drinks cold in the fridge, and enjoy them on long drives and adventures. It can also power-up TVs and other devices for your kids to watch cartoons and movies, so they are kept engaged with the entertainment, whilst you drive worry-free.

SUAOKI why should you own a portable power supply in car appliances
PS5B Portable Power for your in-car appliances. via @bouzubou 


What to look for when buying a portable power station

When buying aportable power station, you should consider getting a high capacity battery pack; although this will cost you more money, but it's always better to have a larger power stored at your disposal. Look for power banks that have multiple outlets sockets including AC, DC, and USB charging ports. Consider other auxiliary features as well such as flashlight torch, MPPT solar charger controller, LCD screen for information display and safety features such as short-circuit protection, over-current and undercurrent protection, etc.

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