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Sustainable Outdoor photography - Power Supply for Photographers

Outdoor photography is fun; cool and classy pictures for your Instagram are amazing. However, if you go to remote areas for taking some stunning photos, you would face a major challenge - Low battery warnings. In this article, we are going to tell you how to overcome this problem and enjoy hours long of outdoor photography sessions. On top of that, you will also get to learn about sustainable photography and green energy for your cameras.

SUAOKI outdoor photohraphy with portable power supply 
Outdoor photography at night time with artificial lights. via redsharknews


Photography and Portable Power Supply

Professional outdoor photography needs you to be constantly on the go, capturing breathtaking moments and creating amazing photos and videos. However, not always do they have the luxury of a wall-socket right beside them to keep their photography gear recharged, and sometimes they are from any human settlements at all.

SUAOKI outdoor photohraphy with portable power supply
Lightning used in outdoor photography. via B&H


Keeping their gear fully charged all the time is vital, as at any moment in time can they observe a stunning natural phenomenon or an amazing activity that they want to capture. Surely you don't want your gear to fail you at such an important moment right? Here comes into play the Portable Power Supply a.k.a. a power station, battery pack and known with other names too.

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What is a Portable Power Supply?

A Portable Power Supply is a battery pack enclosed in a box that is controlled with different electrical circuits and works just as your wall-socket. It provides you with AC, DC, and USB power supply, and can be recharged from a wall outlet, your car DC source or even from Solar panels. It Consists of large lithium-ion batteries that are lightweight and easy to be carried around.

SUAOKI outdoor photohraphy with portable power supply
SUAOKI S270 Portable Power Station. via youtube


So when a portable power supply is combined with a solar panel, that makes for a perfect combination for sustainable photography and the eco-friendly camera works. Below is how a portable power supply can help you with your outdoor photography 


Work on your Tablets, Phones, and Laptops for Hours

You know data transfer is vital when it comes to outdoor photography, as taking photos with limited SD cards, transferring data to hard disks, and sending it to your agency or client right away becomes important. It is also vital when you are shooting large HD quality videos and you have to transfer data, now and then, from your cameras to your storage disks. Things can get even more complicated as your laptops and cameras can only run for certain hours. Thus making it very difficult for professionals to document in far-off places.

SUAOKI S270 charging a phone. via thriftyoutdoorman


Here comes the un-debatable usage of a power station. It will keep your laptops running for hours and hours, and recharge your camera batteries multiple times so you can shoot for as long as you want and then transfer the data safely to your storage devices. You can go a step further, and with a WiFi-dongle instantly share your piece of art with your clients or agency to get them online as soon as possible. This is just another unlimited freedom a portable power supply can add to your photography career.

Recharge Cameras and Drones

Your camera batteries can only last for so long before you are in search of wall sockets again. Ideally, you should (and can) only carry a few batteries or your gear would have transportation problems. With a portable battery at your hand, your outdoor photography is made easy. You just have to swap the battery and recharge your spare batteries as you continue your photo-shoots. This enables professionals to continue with long shoots in remote areas without worrying about draining their batteries and increases work efficiency by a significant margin.

SUAOKI outdoor photohraphy with portable power supply
G500 power supply recharging a camera. via Instagram @78kosuke


The drone is another modern video and photo shooting equipment, but it has a very small battery life - mostly about 20-30 mins on a full charge. Therefore, for amazing aerial photography, your drone batteries can also heavily advantage from a portable power supply as you can recharge them again and again, and keep your drone up in the air for hours.

Outdoor Portraits and Nature Photography - Power for your Flashlight and Continuous Lights

Outdoor portraits are amazing and very trendy when you talk about outdoor photography. However, they require just the perfect amount of lightning. Getting the right amount of natural light can become very tricky as you are solely dependent on nature's mood to shine. In such conditions, a few flashlights connected to the portable power supply and reflectors can come handy.

SUAOKI outdoor photohraphy with portable power supply
Outdoor photography. via slickpic


You can get your desired amount of light by blending the flash and natural light or solely use the artificially light to get some stunning photos and make high-quality videos. Also, flashlight and extended brightness on the subject is extremely important when making slow-motion videos.

Photography from Clean, Green and Free Renewable Energy

Inspire the world with green energy photo-shoots. With a portable power supply and a solar panel at hand, your photography sessions can do wonders, as you no longer have to worry about getting out of power. Your solar panel can always recharge your battery pack over the day-time, and then you can shoot for hours and days without a need to connect to a grid. This is especially useful for a photographer who travels long distances and visits remote areas for documentation and leisure photo shoots.

SUAOKI outdoor photohraphy with portable power supply
A solar panel recharging portable power station. via Instagram @travelinwithwalt


Furthermore, your green photography is a powerful method to inspire humans towards environmental safety and its cleanliness.