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Top 5 Reasons to Go Solar Now! We Explain it to you

The solar power system is the new future, and it is one of the most powerful markets these days which will keep growing in the future. Production of electricity would increase by about 16 times by 2040 as predicted by the TIMES magazine. Another report from statistics says that by 2022 the solar market would be valued well over a massive 422 billion USD mark.

Whether you are considering solar energy because of your care for the environment or saving some dollars on your bills, solar energy is the future, and one of the best renewable resource of clean and green energy that an ordinary person can get. There are many reasons one could give you for switching to solar energy system entirely or partially, but some of the most notable and convincing reasons you need for yourself or your friends and family are mentioned below.

The environmental friendly renewable energy source

Global warming, air pollution, soil contamination, and unsustainability are all the vital reasons for which we should quit depending on fossil fuels for our energy needs. Coal and oil are the leading cause of carbon footprints; and it has a severe and harsh impact on our daily lives, especially the pollution of the air we breathe. In the US 67% of the power needs are still fulfilled by burning fossil fuels (41% coal and 26% natural gas and oil) - data from the balance.

SUAOKI TOP 5 REASONS TO GO SOLAR  enviromental friendly
Renewable energy sources for a greener Earth. via eoasolar

A solar power system is a great step towards reducing carbon footprints and eliminating the environmental hazard around us. Many countries and even individuals themselves are opting for a cleaner, greener and sustainable energy source for their needs. Currently, in the U.S. only 16% of energy comes from renewable resources, out of which solar is merely 1%. Although the numbers do not look good, however, each year the government is building more and more solar farms and other renewable energy resources to tackle the environmental problems of pollution from fossil fuels and move towards a more sustainable energy source. A typical household solar generation system alone can reduce carbon emission by up to 4 tons a year! That is equivalent to planting 100 trees a year.

Higher return on investment and lower prices

Mounting a solar panel system in your house may seem expensive. However, the truth is the complete opposite of this. You just have to look a bit further into the future, and you will see it for yourself. Nowadays, with the much improved and efficient solar cells, lower price per power generation from the sun's radiation, and government tax incentives a solar power system is the game changer! It is now considered to be one of the best returns on investment (ROI) and high yields.


In the long run, solar power is worth the investment with high ROI. via solarnation


According to a study, a typical American household can pay off their solar panel system in almost 8 years. And considering that the average solar panel system can last for up to 40 years (on average producing 80% rated power each year), you can then enjoy the rest of up to 32 years without worrying for any electricity bill or power dependency on the national grid.

Your friend  against rising energy costs

A solar panel system is your best friend against the rising electricity bills. Whether you use it for your home, business, warehouse or any other purpose, a solar system will always help you cut cost on your energy bills, and with its return on investment, after a few years, you do not have to worry about increasing electricity prices. Even a small-scale solar plant that cannot generate 100% of the energy you need will still help you reduce your bills.


SUAOKI TOP 5 REASONS TO GO SOLAR rising electricity bills
Energy from fossil fuels is getting expensive. via westheavensolar


Solar panel system, a necessity

Another major reason people opt for a solar power system is the necessity of it. An increasing trend is seen amongst the well-off people to spend their vacation in places far away from the hustle and bustle of urban life and in the quiet countrysides and mountain valleys. In such places often the basic facility of electricity is not available. Therefore many people opt to power up their lavish and modern house by a solar power system. Energy from the sun is then used to meet the daily requirements of power to light up the house, extract water from the well, keep the rooms cozy and comfy with heating and cooling systems and much more.


Perfect off-the-grid solution for remote area houses. via evergreensolar

The reason why people choose solar power plants for such projects is the durability and reliability of the solar power plant. With clear weather conditions, you are assured to be generating electricity whether or not you use it. If you are lucky enough to be connected to the national grid even in such areas, you can always pass on the excess energy generated to the national grid and in return avail the same energy later on if need be.

Increases your property value. Become a trendsetter

Besides all the technical, financial and environmental advantages of a solar power system, isn't it cool to have such an amazing power generating system in your backyard or rooftop? It surely is! Be a trendsetter, start off with a small scale project, you are going to love it so much that later on, you will definitely want to upgrade it and go completely off-the-grid. With your success stories inspire other people to move towards a more sustainable and cleaner energy source to help our dear planet Earth.


SUAOKI TOP 5 REASONS TO GO SOLAR rises property value
House with renewable energy sources sells faster with increased property value. via nationalsolarproject


Furthermore, this is no more a surprise that a property with a sustainable power generation source ranks well and sells for more value. Even the demand for such homes is higher and is expected to keep rising in the future. So going solar is indeed a great and significant step ahead!

SUAOKI also has the same motto, More Power, Less Footprint. Checkout our solar panel collection for your outdoor trips and household use. Got any questions? Please leave a comment down below with your query, and we will help you with it.