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What are the Best Portable Solar Panels for Camping?

Eloisa Latorre

Posted on September 03 2018

Are you looking for solar panels for camping? In this article, we will tell you what are the best types of solar panels for camping that you can get according to your needs and your camping style.


But first, let me remind you why you should definitely give camping with solar panels a chance! It is not a secret anymore that throwing a couple of portable solar panels to your camping equipment is an easy and super efficient way to get some free power to keep your portable fridge cool, your phone always connected or the lights on at night. And even though we are leaving summer behind as we walk into the fall season, you can still use those solar panels for camping. Just make sure you go camping where there is some sunlight, though...

If I just convinced you about getting solar panels for camping, or if that was on your mind before you started reading this article, let me walk you through the different solar panels for camping you can choose, as it is an overwhelming field with constant technological advances, different models, prices, and sizes. You can learn now about how many solar panels do you need for your electronics here.

SUAOKI Portable Solar Panels for Camping
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Are you an occasional camper? Do you go camping a couple of times per year tops? If this is you, you might be looking into an affordable option that doesn't break your bank account and that is easy to carry, your best option is folding solar panels.

Portable foldable solar panels for camping are a great choice if you are an occasional camper and travel a couple of times a year. Foldable solar panels come in different sizes according to their power, some of them can be bulky. These are the cheaper option, but as infrequent travelers, it could be your preferred one so you can generate some extra power without spending a fortune on buying them. Recently, a new bunch of portable solar panels was created with adjustable legs so you can place your panel in the optimal angle to get as much solar energy as possible.

SUAOKI Solar Blanket for Camping
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Are you a frequent traveler? Most frequent travelers are aware of the importance of space and weight. If you are one of them, your best choice is a solar blanket.

Solar blankets are mostly known as solar pool covers to cover the swimming pool in order to retain heat and to raise the water temperature so you can swim in a lukewarm temperature in March and even in October. However, we are not referring to this type of solar pool covers. Lately, this solar blankets (not for swimming pool usage) have become more and more popular among travelers who like to explore the outdoors frequently. As expected, solar blankets are more expensive, but if you prioritize space and portability, you definitely won't mind the extra $$. These are super easy to store, just fold them away and that's it. Moreover, solar blankets are very resistant and will likely last a lifetime with the right care.


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Does this mean that as a frequent traveler I shouldn't get portable solar panels for camping?

Of course not! Both, the portable solar panels and the solar blankets are great tools for camping and have very similar benefits. The only difference will be your traveling style and your budget.

SUAOKI Fixed Solar Panels for Camping
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Are you a camping lover? If you are incapable of staying home during the weekend or you consider yourself a nomad, fixed solar panels are the way to go!

For travel lovers and people that get to live a nomad life, the best solar panel, not just for camping, but for any of your envious trips, is the fixed solar panel. Fixed solar panels are super convenient and a great choice for people that don't want to worry about the solar panel constantly. You only need to install your solar panel on the roof of your vehicle, which is a pretty easy task, and then run periodic check-ups to make sure everything works smoothly. The only downside is that you have to make sure that you park your car, van, RV under the sun to absorb as much solar energy as possible.

Our best advice to you, nomad traveler, is to pair your fixed solar panel with a foldable one so you can enjoy the comfort of the fixed panel and the ability of portable panels to be placed in the right position to get more sunlight.

SUAOKI Solar Panels for Camping


As you can see, no matter what time of camper or traveler you are, there will always be a right solar panel for you. When choosing one, keep in mind the usage you will give it as well as your budget.


If you want to learn more about choosing the right solar panel according to your needs, check our article "Making the Most of Portable Solar Panels".

And learn how to install solar panels on your RV, click here.



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