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Portable Battery Pack S601

Your solution to different off-the-grid power needs on camping sites and off-road trips, SUAOKI portable battery pack with multiple AC, DC and USB outlets.



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  • S601 220Wh portable battery pack is a lightweight and compact solution for your power needs on a camping, fishing, off-road trips. 
  • Comes with a versatile power output sockets including: 2x AC sockets (pure sine power), 2x DC outlets, 1x cigarette socket, and 2 USB ports to work with different electrical gadgets
  • Multiple re-charging options with AC, DC and direct solar panel connections. High capacity 220Wh and 20,000mAh battery provide hours long of power
  • Advanced safety with battery management system (BMS) to prevent over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature. It also improves battery utilization that extends battery life

SUAOKI portable battery pack S601 is a medium-sized, efficient, lightweight and compact power bank that can fulfill all your needs on your camping, fishing, off-road and other outdoor trips. It is a convenient portable power supply source in the event of unplanned blackouts. It weighs only 5.5 lbs, making it very lightweight amongst its competitors in the market. It can recharge your smartphone up to 20 times, laptop up to 4 times, tablets 10 times. Furthermore, with AC power supply the S601 portable battery pack can run your mini-refrigerator for 5 hours and camping lantern for up to 50 hours.

The portable battery pack S601 is designed to power up all kinds of different electrical gadgets for you. With its 2x AC output ports, you can run your electrical fan, recharge your laptop and power up your mini-refrigerator. There are 2x DC ports that can be used to light up your lamps and camping lanterns. The 2x USB charging ports comes handy when recharging your smartphones and other small gadgets that use USB charging mode. On top of that, an included cigarette lighter port cable can be used to power-up in-car devices and use it for air compressors to inflate your car tires or air mattresses. Counting for its massive 20,000mAh battery and its various output sockets, the S601 portable battery pack makes for an excellent power source when you are off the grid.    

To recharge the S601 portable battery pack, you can use any conventional AC socket or a DC supply from your car’s battery. You can also recharge it from a solar panel. Equipped with a battery management system (BMS), this portable battery pack prevents the S601 unit from over-current, over-charge and over-heat and gives you and your device ultimate safety.

This portable battery pack S601 is brought to you by SUAOKI, your online supplier of affordable high-quality outdoor gear and automotive gadgets. More Power, Less Footprint!

Product Specifications
Product dimensions: 250 x 86 x 160 mm
Product weight: 2.52 kg
Battery: Lithium-ion, 20,000mAh, 11.1V
Battery indicator: 5-LED indicator (20% to 100%)

AC adapter: 12V to 20V (Min 15W, Standard: 15V, 4.5A)
Car charger: 12V
Solar panel: 12V to 24V (Min 30W), 5.5mm Ports

AC output: 100V to 110V, 60Hz, 200W (pure sine wave)
AC Continuous output: 200W
AC Peak output: 250W
USB output: 5V, 2x 3.1A (Max)
DC output: 12V, 2x 5A (7A Peak), 5.5mm Ports

1. To protect the lithium battery inside, the SUAOKI S601 portable battery pack cannot be charged and recharged at the same time.
2. It can be reset when plugged into a charging source (e.g., an AC outlet or car charger).


Package Includes
1x SUAOKI S601 portable battery pack generator
1x Power charger adapter
1x AC cable
1x User manual




1. When not in use, is it best for the battery to leave it plugged in or otherwise?

When not in use, we recommend that you unplug all the connections. Please recharge it fully at least once every three months.


2. Will this S601 portable power supply station accept a power input from a solar panel with an open voltage of 25 volts?  Does it need to have a solar controller between the solar panel and the S601?

The S601 can accept voltage from a solar panel between 12V and 24V and a current of around 3-amps (Minimum 30-watts, Maximum 72-watts). There is no need to have a solar controller between the solar panel and the S601. Under ideal solar conditions, it would take about 8-12 hours to charge the S601 via a solar panel.




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