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4A 6/12V Car Battery Charger

Know about your battery charge status with just a glance. Automatic voltage detection & Multi-protection.

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  • AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE DETECTION: detects whether your battery requires 6 or 12-volt charging and features preprogrammed 8-stages charging process
  • LCD SCREEN: displays real-time charging voltage/current and battery bars; lets you know about the battery charge status with just a glance
  • MULTI-PROTECTION: features reverse polarity protection, over-temperature protection, overcharge protection; also comes with spark-proof clamps
  • WIDE RANGE USE: efficient use with all SLA batteries (Wet, MF, GEL and VRLA), AGM (Flooded and EFB), LiON (12V LiFePO4)
  • BATTERY MAINTAINER: provides a 24/7 constant voltage charge for optimum battery maintenance

Questions & Answers

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  • Hi there. Do you know if this charger can be used on NiMH battery cell, like a Prius HV Battery cell?

    Sorry, it does not.

  • Hi If the car battery is below 7 volts, the device switches to motorcycle mode which will only charge the battery to 7 volts, which still isn't enough to start the vehicle. How do you charge a low battery below 7 volts to full?

    If the battery is 12 V, and then you can choose the 12 V mode.
    And it will use the 6V to charge first and then change to 12 V to charge if the battery voltage over 7V.

  • What voltage does this unit use for the 12Volt Float Voltage?

    If the battery voltage under 7V, then it will use 7V first.
    Then wil change to 12V after the votage higher then 7V.

  • Lead acid battery on new truck went dead. Your charger wont bring it up. It shows 6 volt AGM and Motorcycle on the lcd screen. It will not change from this mode to 12 volt or different battery type. Just bought on Amazon can you help?

    Maybe your battery is belower 7V.
    The charger would use the 6V to charge if the battery belower 7V.
    And will change if it higher than 7V.

  • Puedo dejarlo conectado en la batería de mi moto todo el invierno para que me mantenga la batería cargada?

    Yes, you can.

  • How can i Know if my batterie is full

    The LED screen will show the status of the battery charging capacity. 

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