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Back Seat Organizer for Car Trunk

SUAOKI Back Seat Organizer comes with 4 compartments for you to store and maintain your cargo in your vehicle; handy for mothers, athletes, and businesspeople.

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  • Heavy duty back seat organizer made of durable, sturdy and waterproof 600D PVC material
  • Easily install it on the backseat of your car. Comes with a total 4 compartments, 3 of which have cover lids
  • High quality superior finish. Black and white colored design that matched most car interiors. Carefully stitched with seemingly straight lines
  • Very handy for business people, athletes, mothers and other people to properly organize their luggage

This car back seat organizer by SUAOKI is a spacious storage box for your vehicle. You can strap it around the backseat in your vehicle’s trunk, or if not in use you can also place it in your garage or kitchen as an extra storage box. It can be handy for business people to store all their documents and business items in a orderly manner. Mothers can use it to store extra clothes, diapers and other baby items, and athletes can use this back seat organizer to manage all their sports equipment in one place without creating a mess in the car.

This back seat organizer is made of durable, sturdy and waterproof 600D PVC cloth, making it a strong storage box that can be used on long trips to keep all extra items in an orderly manner. It has a superior finish making elegant in looks. All the stitches are done in a careful way in a seemingly straight line. Comes in black and white color design which matches the interior of any car. It is very easy to install it on the back seat of your car. The adjustable straps allows for adjust the height of the storage box as per your needs. With the SUAOKI back seat organizer in your vehicle, your car’s trunk will never be messy again and all your trunk’s floor will always be free for storing some extra luggage and utilities.

SUAOKI back seat organizer measures at 36.2 x 11.0 x 3.9 inches. With such a wide spread design it has a total of four compartments, three out of which has a lid cover and the fourth one is especially design for taller items like baseball bats, water bottles and more. With only 4 inches of thickness, it is very easy to fold this storage box into a compact shape so that you can easily store it under your seat or any other small space in your car. Your perfect long trip, excess baggage and  car tool-kit storage bag, the SUAOKI back seat organizer.

This back seat organizer is brought to you by SUAOKI, your online supplier of affordable high-quality outdoor gear and automotive gadgets. More Power, Less Footprint!


Product Specifications
Material: 600D PVC cloth
Number of pocket: 4
Product dimensions: 36.2 x 11 x 3.9 inch (92 x 28 x 10 cm)


Package Includes
1 x SUAOKI car trunk organizer
1x Thank you card




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