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A battery jump starter also knows as a battery booster, is a device used to jump start your car when your car battery is dead or low on voltage. A portable jump starter is primarily a lithium-ion power bank enclosed in a safe and secure box that cranks up your engine by generating a powerful current in a short time period.

Extreme weather deteriorates a vehicle's battery, and thus it is a good idea to always have a battery jump starter with you, especially in places that experience harsh cold weather conditions. SUAOKI has a wide range of portable jump starters that are capable of jump starting cars, trucks and jeeps. At SUAOKI, each battery jump starter is manufactured with superior safety features such as reverse charging protection, polarity protection, short-circuit protection and much more. Battery boosters are highly portable and compact devices, and they can easily fit in the gloves compartment of your car. So, next time you are stranded on the road, you can get your automobile running with a SUAOKI battery jump starter.
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