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600M Digital Laser Rangefinder Scope

The digital laser rangefinder scope features a wide measurement range for long distance work. Versatile for most applications. Side display is available.

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  • Long Range: a max range of 600 meters (656 yards) allows you to easily get measurements and info on most objects, without having to get closer
  • Maximum Accuracy: with 6x magnification and accuracy to within 1 meter, you can be sure that you're always getting the correct measurements, without having to worry about miscalculations
  • Adaptable Modes: a range, flagpole lock, golf distance correction, and fog mode allow you to adapt the product for whatever use you need it
  • Convenience: our product features a side display, which makes it easier to read your readings and measurements so that you don't have to squint into the eyepiece
  • Portability: our rainproof laser rangefinder is lightweight (175g), and comes with a convenient belt-mountable bag and lanyard, allowing utmost mobility and portability for whenever you use it

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  • How do i get the battery in the unit????

    The battery in the unit is CR2 Battery and you could search it on your local or Amazon.

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