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150 PSI 12V DC Air Compressor Pump

The SUAOKI tire compressor was designed to inflate both vehicles and other inflatable nozzles products (balls, swimming rings etc.).

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  • EASY AND FAST: This compact portable air pump can inflate a typical medium-sized car tire from 0 to 35 PSI in 3 to 5 minutes; you can test tire pressure with the unit and easily switch among 3 units (PSI, BAR, KPA) on the screen
  • LONG CHARGING CABLE: With a 2.8m (9.2ft) power cord and 0.6m (2 ft) air hose, the compressor pump can reach any of the 4 tires
  • WIDE RANGE OF USES: Besides inflate car, motorcycle tires, the included gas nozzle (blue) allows it to inflate an inflatable boat; the gas nozzle (red) is for inflating bike tires; and a ball needle for basketballs and other sports equipment and inflatables
  • FLASHLIGHT FOR NIGHT USE: This unit can be used as a flashlight so you can locate your tire valve in the low light or dark environment
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Plug the 12V DC power cord into your 12V cigarette lighter socket or other 12V outlet, connect to tire valve with the air hose, then press the power button to turn on the compressor and it will start to inflate the tire

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