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150W 18V Bendable Flexible Solar Panel

SUAOKI 150W solar panel adopts Multiple Bus Bars cell with DF technology, which reduces the internal resistance losses and efficiently avoids internal damages.

$269.99 $599.99



  • DF TECHNOLOGY: The solar cell with DF technology features 150W high output and an efficiency up to 20%; compared to SunPower cell, this panel has a better stability and is more effective in low-light
  • OFF-GRID SYSTEM: Multiple ways of connection of the solar panels, supporting parallel, series, or a combination of the two; the solar energy system generates up to 900W power (6 pieces of units)
  • BENDABLE PANEL: Flexible design enables the solar panel to be curved to a maximum 30 degree arc, allowing you to place it on an arc-shaped surface
  • WATER-RESISTANT: Designed for outdoor use with IP65 water resistant feature for both the panel and the MC4 cable; able to withstand tender rain.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: With a weight of 7.1 lbs, this unit is easy to carry; ideal to mount on an RV, boat, car, trucks, trailers or any other automobile; it also can be placed on cabin, tent for camping

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  • how big is each panel?

    It is 1350* 690 * 2.5 mm.

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