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Foldable Solar Camping Lamp (Clover Style)

With its 18 ultra-bright LED lights, the SUAOKI foldable solar camping lamp makes sure that you're never left in the dark again.


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  • Solar-powered LED camping lamp with a convenient foldable design
  • Built-in 680mAh battery for hours’ worth of usage time
  • 18 high-quality LED lights treat you to ultra-bright 6000-6500K white light
  • Enjoy 3 different operating modes to meet all your lighting needs

With this foldable solar camping lamp from SUAOKI at your side, you’ll never have to worry about being left out in the dark again. This camping lantern comes packed with a powerful 680mAh battery that automatically charges itself via the lantern’s built-in solar panels. Simply leave your camping lamp out in the sun, and you’ll never experience an empty battery again. Even if you’re living in a cloudy country or if you’re into winter camping, there is no need to worry. Whenever necessary, our state-of-the-art camping lamp can be conveniently recharged via its USB input. Simply use your phone, power bank, or power plug, and the SUAOKI foldable solar camping lamp will be fully charged again in no time.

The 18 built-in LED lights of this foldable solar camping lamp deliver a bright 6000-6500K white light. The lantern furthermore treats you to three different operating modes to meet all your lighting needs. When used on low-level lighting, your camping light is perfect for reading a book at night. The high-level setting, on the other hand, offers more than enough light to illuminate your tent and nearby surroundings. Last but not least, your camping lamp also features an SOS flashing mode that comes in particularly handy in case of an emergency situation. No matter your lighting needs, the SUAOKI foldable camping lamp will never leave you in the dark.

Our foldable solar camping lamp features a compact and lightweight design that allows you to easily carry it along in your backpack or car. When folded up, it is extremely flat, making sure it barely takes up any space. With its convenient attachment hook, you can easily hang this camping light from the roof of your tent or from a tree. Its multifunctional design makes the SUAOKI solar camping lamp suitable to be used any type of outdoor situation. With a fully charged battery, it delivers up to 4 hours worth of continuous usage time. This is enough to get you through an evening outdoors without needing to worry about your lantern running out of juice. Whether you’re camping, fishing, or reading a book in your own back yard, this convenient camping lamp is sure to do its job.

This foldable camping lamp is brought to you by SUAOKI, your online supplier of affordable high-quality outdoor gear and automotive gadgets. More Power, Less Footprint!


Product details
Built-in battery: 680mAh/3.7V lithium battery
LED specifications: 18 LEDs 6000-6500K white light
Solar charge input voltage (750W/M2): 5.5V
Continuous usage time (high power): 2 hours
Continuous usage time (low power): 4 hours
Continuous usage time (flashing): 4 hours
High-brightness lighting time after 1-hour charging under sunlight (500W/): 15 minutes
Low-brightness lighting time after 1-hour charging under sunlight (500W/): 30 minutes
External diameter collapsed: 2.47 x 5.9 inches (62.7 x 149.8 mm)
External diameter expanded: 11.47 x 1.067 inches (291*27.1 mm)
Weight: 0.37 lbs. (168 g)


Package content
1x SUAOKI solar lantern
1x Micro USB cable
1x User manual




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