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As we know, "spam" emails has become a big problem, and most email services and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are working hard to block or filter so called "spam" emails. We applaud their efforts on spam, because we hate these unsolicited, unwanted emails no less than you do. However, everyone agrees that the current spam blocking/filtering systems are far from perfect, they often block emails you’ve requested, just because it fits their definitions of SPAM.

Although we only send emails to our members and those who have subscribed our newsletters, you might unexpectedly find our emails are filtered out by mistake under the un-perfect spam blocking system, and our order notification emails (the order following-up emails) and special sale promotion letters/newsletters could not deliver to your inbox.

To make sure that you can receive our email, we highly recommend you to WHITELIST our emails. Here’s a list of our officially authorized email addresses:


Very important email address, it's used to inform you about order details or answer your post-purchase questions.


SUAOKI newsletters, great deals, special sales, exclusive invitation, sample product testing information will be sent via this email address.

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