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Jumper Cables Intelligent Alligator Clamps EC5 Connector

Compatible with most brands of portable jump starter for 12V vehicles and withstand up to 700A peak current.

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This item ships to US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT and JP.


  • REPLACEMENT JUMPER CABLES: compatible with most brands of portable jump starter for 12V vehicles with EC5 connector; withstand up to 700A peak current
  • 7 PROTECTION MEASURES: provides protection for overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature, undervoltage, reverse charging, reverse polarity and short circuit
  • EASY TROUBLESHOOTING: when error occurs, remove the clamps from the vehicle then you can start troubleshooting; no need to remove the clamps from the jump starter
  • LED LIGHT INDICATOR: red & green LED lights and beeper indicate different working status of the clamps; all listed on the user manual
  • PLUG AND PLAY: simple connection and fast boost for car battery; ultra portable and compact, easy to carry around

Questions & Answers

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  • Hi, The base of the clamps rapidly flash green and red when attached to the jump starter. What does this mean? Thank you!

    There are two reason may caused the green and red light light on alternately 1. The voltage gap between your car battery and jump starter is less than 0.6V or car battery voltage is higher than the the jump starter, then the clamps will default the car do not need the jump start and prevent the jump starter from connecting to the car battery. That is why the jump starter couldn't start your car. To solve this problem: (1). Please try to charge the jump start up to 100%. (2). Please open the head lamp of vehicle or air-conditioner. 2. The clamp doesn't connect to the car battery completely. Please adjust your clamp for maximum contact for both sides of the clamp. 3. The clamp is defective If you have try all of above, and the flashlight and power bank function still work well, might the clamp is defective. Please check, if the clamp is defective, then we will surely arrange the replacement clamp to you soon, please don't worry.

    Please send us the emial to and then we can solve it for you.

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