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[US only] PF3 Golf Rangefinders Scope

The golf rangefinders scope is designed for multiple purposes. Its high accuracy targeting can always get your eyes on the object precisely and easily.

$68.99 $100.99


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  • Wrapped by an integrated piece of silicone
  • Versatile Functions: measures distance up to 600m (656 yards) within 1 second; supports height, speed (18~300km/h) and angle (±90°) measurement, flag-lock technology
  • Golf Slope Mode: golf trajectory compensation calculates and adjusts yardage depending on the degree of slope (±20°); allows golfers to take a more informed swing
  • Better Viewing Experience: diopter adjustment (±5D) knob for short-sighted or long-sighted people to use it without glasses; high-quality 6x monocular brings clear images right in front of your eyes
  • Precision & Convenience: provide detailed accuracy to 1m in distance and 1° in angle for better players and elite amateurs; you can easily toggle units between meters and yards
  • Solid Construction: built-in rubber gaskets make sure the laser rangefinder is splash proof and dustproof; well-designed to be compact and portable (only 0.5lbs in weight); provides a secure non-slip grip

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