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Conventional power bank and portable power station whose capacity is less than 400Wh can only support CPAP last for less than 5 hours.
Some portable power station in the market has only one AC outlet, and you are unable to power up other appliance when CPAP machine is working.
Most of the portable power station capacity above 400Wh is big-sized and heavyweight. That is not convenient to carry for your camping or road trip.

SUAOKI Ultra High Capacity Series is engineered with enormous capacity (400Wh or more), including PS5B(400Wh), G500(500Wh) and G1200(1200Wh). They are capable of supporting most CPAP machines in the market for more than 3 nights. High-capacity and most compatible power stations can easily keep your CPAP powered on-the-go.

SUAOKI Ultra High Capacity Series provides two optional ways for you to power your CPAP machine: 12V DC output port or 110V AC outlets. Offer you more flexibility so that you can power up other appliances through AC outlets while your CPAP machine is operating.
SUAOKI Ultra High Capacity Series is more compact compared with the same capacity products. A transportable design with a holder makes it easy to carry with you as a CPAP backup battery pack.

1. Please make sure the operating voltage of your CPAP is 12V before connecting with the DC port (cigarette lighter socket) of our power station.nOtherwise, please power your CPAP with the AC outlets.

2. NOT TSA approved. SUAOKI Ultra High Capacity Series has enormous capacities (400Wh or more) and is not allowed to take on the airplane.

3. Working time will vary due to the CPAP brand, settings of pressure, settings of humidifier/heater, or other settings. For higher efficiency, please use a DC converter (not included) and turn off the heater/humidifier. Low fixed pressure settings will also extend the working time.

4. Please contact with your CPAP supplier before you buy a DC converter.