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SUAOKI 600m Laser Rangefinder PF3



【Multi-function】: The maximum measurement distance is 600 meters (656 yards) in 1 second, and the product supports height, speed (18~300km / h) and angle (±90°) measurement.
【Golf landslide mode】: Ideal for golfers, you can easily switch between golf landslide mode and no landslide mode.
【Better viewing experience】: It can bring a better viewing experience, suitable for people with myopia and hyperopia, and can present a clear image in front of the eyes.
【Accuracy and convenience】: Provides accuracy to 1 meter distance and 1° angle for better players and elite amateurs; you can easily switch units between meters and yards
【Rugged structure】: The product has a built-in rubber gasket to ensure the laser range finder is splashproof and dustproof. The other product weighs only 0.5 pounds and offers a secure, non-slip handle for easy carrying.
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Perfect Companion for Golf Players

You can easily toggle between golf slope mode and no slope mode. Flag-lock technology and angle measurement input necessary data to PF3 then it allows you to conveniently get compensated distances so you can take your perfect swing.

Better Viewing Experience

If you’re short-sighted or long-sighted, wearing glasses can make it difficult to view via eyepiece. PF3 supports diopter adjustment (±5D) which frees you from glasses and view objects clearly from a long distance with 6X magnification.

Versatile Functions

PF3 is to golfers as Swiss army knife to soldiers. You can measure distance, height, angle and speed with this one device weighing only 0.5lbs. Besides golfing, you can also use PF3 in camping, hunting and even in construction.


Caution for Laser Radiation: This is a class 1 laser product (human accessible power output:<0.4mW), for protecting your eyes, please do not stare into the beam or view directly with optical instruments

Product Specifications

Weight: 0.5lbs/ 232g

Measuring Range: 5.5~656 ft/ 5~600m

Measuring Unit: Meter/ Yard

Accuracy: ±1m

Angle Accuracy: ±1°

Wavelength: 905nm

Objective Lens Diameter: 22mm

Eyepiece Lens Diameter: 16mm

Exit Pupil Diameter: 3.7mm

Diopter Adjustment: ±5D Eyepiece adjustment

Field of View: 7°

Magnification: 6X

Speed Measurement Range: 18~300km/h

Measuring Angle Range: -90°~ 90°

Trajectory Compensation Angle Range: -20°~ 20°

Operating Temperature: 0°C~ +40°C

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Package Included

1 × Suaoki Laser Rangefinder

1 × CR2 Battery

1 × Wristband

1 × User Manual

1 × Wiping Cloth

1 × Carrying Bag

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