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SUAOKI 60W Flexible Solar Panel



【Dual Port Output】: Provides enough power to charge two devices when you encounter an embarrassing power outage, one for USB charging devices and one for DC output (up to 18V).
【Diversified functions】: It can charge a variety of devices. For example, it can charge mobile devices. It can charge the car through the DC port through the included car charger, and can also charge the battery with the clamp.
【TIR-C technology】: Built-in smart IC enables the charger to quickly identify current and speed up the charging process.
【Real test power】: suaoki can output 60W power under 3.8W Lux
【Waterproof】: It has a waterproof layer: has good waterproof performance, outdoor essential, you can even charge near the pool without worry.
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60w Solar panel

Renewable Energy Anytime, Anywhere

Are you tired of packing batteries in your backpack or everyday carry? No time for heavy external batteries which need charging in advance? Simply unfold a Suaoki solar panel and enjoy clean and unlimited power from direct sunlight.

Charge Fast, Charge Smart

An intelligent chip inside our product will automatically adjust the electrical current in order to offer the fastest possible charge for whatever device is plugged in, without overloading or overheating that device. During charging, our newest mono-crystalline silicon material will offer up to 20% efficiency, meaning you could charge your mobile device through the USB port while charging your car's or laptop's battery via the DC port.

Designed to be Carried Around

Each panel is about the size of a regular piece of paper, making it perfect for traveling and/or outdoor activities, especially when it is folded up into its convenient - to - carry form. In addition, mounting loops on the product allow you to easily attach it to your backpack or any other location, and the PET-coated panels – bound together with heavy-duty polyester – ensure that your product will remain water and weather proof.



Charging Port Output: DC 18V/3.4A(Max) & USB 5V/2.1A

Power: 60W

Unfold Size:1700*293mm(67*11.5in)

Fold Size:293*180*75mm(11.5*7.1*2.9in)

Bag Weight: 3.5Kg

Attention:please check the model, size, voltage and power of your laptop adapter to ensure compatibility before using. 

Package Contents

- 1 x 60W Foldable Dual-Port Solar Charger bag

- 1 x Car Charger

- 1 x 10-in-1 Connector Cable for Laptops

- 1 x SAE-to-Clamp for Storage Battery

- 1 x DC-to-DC Cable (5.5/2.1mm)

- 1 x DC-to-DC Cable

- 1 x DC-to-SAE

- 1 x User Manual 

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