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SUAOKI G1200 Power Station--JP Plug



【ALL-IN-ONE POWER SUPPLY】SUAOKI G1200 is an advanced 1200Wh lithium-ion battery with incredible 332,000mAh/3.7V (83,000mAh/14.4V) large capacity that can recharge up to 8 devices simultaneously.
【RECOMMEND FOR CPAP USERS】1200Wh ultra-high capacity can support most of the CPAP usage last for more than 5 nights. Keep your CPAP ready for a trip or emergency.
【PURE SINE WAVE】With a 1000W continuous power (2000W peak), SUAOKI G1200 has 2x AC pure sine wave current outlets providing reliable power supply for your sensitive electronics. Support to adjust the 50/60Hz power frequency.
【VERSATILE OUTPUT】Multiple charging outputs include 2x AC outputs, 1x cigarette lighter socket, 4x USB, and 1x USB-C outlet sockets. Power-up your phones, mini-fridge, cameras, TV, fans, lamps, coffee machine and more.
【2 WAY OF RECHARGING】Use the high-power 160W adapter to fully charge SUAOKI G1200 in about 9 hours from a wall AC socket. The built-in MPPT controller supports solar charging as a backup option.
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SUAOKI G1200 Power Station with 332,000mAh 3.7V Li Battery, 2-Way Recharge with AC Adapter and MPPT Solar Charger, 1000W Pure Sine Wave Current, Multiple Outlets for your Smartphones, Laptops, CPAP


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ALL-IN-ONE POWER SUPPLY: powerful 1200Wh lithium-ion battery with 332,000mAh/3.7V (83,000mAh/14.4V) high capacity that can recharge up to 8 devices simultaneously


PURE SINE WAVE: with a 1000W continuous power (2000W peak), the G1200 has 2x AC pure sine wave current outlets for sensitive electronics like laptops, CPAP etc; supports 50/60Hz

VERSATILE OUTPUT:  2xAC, 1xCigarette lighter socket, 4xUSB, and 1xTypeC outlet sockets to power-up your phones, mini-fridge, cameras, TV, fans, lamps, coffee machine, and more


2 WAY RECHARGING: with a powerful 160W adapter the G1200 can be fully charged from a wall AC socket in about 9 hours; it also has built-in MPPT controller to support solar charging


OTHER FEATURES: a bright LCD screen with incoming and outgoing power information and battery status; multiple safety-circuits; G1200 a noise-less off the grid power generator



Ultra-power 1200Wh Portable power station

With SUAOKI G1200Wh massive battery capacity of 332,000mAh at 3.7V and 83,000mAh at 14.4V you can power-up anything. Take it with you on your camping, hiking and other outdoor adventures and enjoy noise free, safe and reliable power supply. You can also use it as an emergency backup power source in your house for unplanned power outages.


Multiple outlet sockets for all your appliances

It comes with 2 pure sine wave inverters to power up your TV, laptops, speakers, CPC machine, and other sensitive electrical appliances. The DC cigarette charging port, 4x USB outlets and 1x type-C charging outlets can recharge your smartphones, tablets, fans, lamps, and in-car appliances like mini-refrigerator and vacuum cleaner etc. The type-C port supports 45W PD protocol so it can recharge your Apple ipads and MacBook Air.


2-way recharging and safety features

With its powerful 160-watt adapter, you can recharge the G1200 from a wall socket in about 9 hours. It also supports solar charging with its built-in MPPT charge controller. This power supply comes with multiple safety features such as over and under voltage, over-temperature, over-load, short circuit and more. NOTE: The product does not support car (battery) recharging


Product specifications

Model: G1200

Capacity: 1200Wh, 83000mAh/14.4V (332000mAh/3.6V)

Inverter output: 110V 50/60Hz rated 1000W peak 2000W

USB output: 5V/3A (15W MAX)

TYPE-C output: support PD protocol, 45W, (5V/9V/12V/15V) 3A, 20V/2.25A

Cigarette lighter socket: 12V/9A

Adapter input: 42V (160W)

Solar input: 16-60V/10A (500W)

Product weight: 12.6Kg

Product size: 29*16*36cm

Operating temperature range: 0-40 ° C

Operating humidity range: 10%-90%


Package Includes

1 x G1200 SUAOKI Portable power station

1 x AC adapter

1 x Solar charging cable (7909 to MC4)

1 x User manual

1 x Thank you card

General Capacity1200Wh, 83000mAh/14.4V (332000mAh/3.6V)
Product Dimension29.00 x 16.00 x 36.00 cm / 11.42 x 6.3 x 14.17 inches
Product weight12.6000 kg
Output Inverter Output110V 50/60Hz rated 1000W peak 2000W
USB Output5V/3A (15W MAX)
Type-C Outputsupport PD protocol, 45W, (5V/9V/12V/15V) 3A, 20V/2.25A
Adapter Input42V (160W)
Operation Environment Charge Temperature Range0-40 ° C
Operating Humidity Range10%-90%

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